Almost everyone on the planet has heard about Pharaoh, either through Egyptian Mysticism, or the popular “The Ten Commandments” movie, or the Bible. Many often comment, “Wow, those Pharaohs lived long!” But the term ‘Pharaoh’ was the title given to Egyptian kings in ancient times. Hence the Pharaoh that lived […]

Pharaoh Is Alive!

Today we live in a world where immigration has become a serious issue, especially here in the United Kingdom. Every aspect of our society in the UK has been challenged based on immigration control. It’s affecting our National Health Service, justice and welfare systems, social services and many other aspects. […]

Immigration Issues?
There are over 4 million results given by Google if you search for ‘How the summer months can be extended’. This shows our reluctance to part with our beloved season. Results include “Five tips to extend your summer” from Microsoft and “Four Easy Ways to Extend Your Summer Glow into […]

How To Extend Your Summer Days!