How To Extend Your Summer Days! NICC Summer Park EventThere are over 4 million results given by Google if you search for ‘How the summer months can be extended’. This shows our reluctance to part with our beloved season. Results include “Five tips to extend your summer” from Microsoft and “Four Easy Ways to Extend Your Summer Glow into Fall” from the women’s site Byrdie. All clamour on the first page on Google.

An Extreme Measure!

Yet, before you can say “Jack Robinson”, it seems the long awaited sunny spells are over for another nine months. This is the reason why some go to the extreme to keep or welcome the summer months. Have you noticed how some guys will keep wearing t-shirts even when it is obvious to the polar bears that winter has come? Or those who insist on wearing shorts when we are all diving for our trousers?

Thank GOD there are better ways to extend the summer months!

 A Sensible Way

Home Style magazine gives us some sensible, actionable ways that you can use to extend your summer in their article 4 ways to extend the last days of summer” . Here are their suggestions:

  1. Is your garden looking relatively tidy? Meaning tidy up your garden if you have one.
  2. Don’t end the night, simply because the evening has turned chilly. Get some outdoor heating facility that can extend the day.
  3. Focus your attention on food and how you’re going to prepare it. They suggest making another barbecue.
  4. Curl up with a good book and enjoy the peace and quiet of your outdoor area. You could use a swing seat for this.

The Most Exciting Way!

As good as these ideas are, they cannot work for everyone. Not all of us have our own slice of outdoor heaven. But just because you don’t have a garden does not mean you cannot enjoy the outdoors!

Presenting- ‘The Summer Park Event’

This fundraising event will take place on Saturday 10th of September, entry is Free and so is the Food (Barbequed Hotdogs and Burgers). Activities include: Bouncy Castle (for adults and children), Face painting, Football and Live Performances. EVERYONE IS INVITED. From 2-5pm at Plaistow Park, E13 on Saturday the 10th of September.

No need for extreme measures, let’s have some fun and extend this summer!

God bless and see you soon

Pastor Boomy Tokan

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