Immigration Issues?

UK BorderToday we live in a world where immigration has become a serious issue, especially here in the United Kingdom. Every aspect of our society in the UK has been challenged based on immigration control. It’s affecting our National Health Service, justice and welfare systems, social services and many other aspects. Over the years this reality has lead to radical changes in our immigration laws and, we as a nation, it seems have become hostile to foreigners – even to those who are refugees.

Sadly, many people are not exempt from this situation even in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Economic Area or European Union, leaving the citizens of those states and that of Britain with high levels of uncertainty. This problem has prompted NICC to start an immigration ministry.

Liberty Soles Immigration Ministry are committed to obedience to God’s command and upholding the immigration law of the United Kingdom as we offer counselling to people who are affected in one way or the other by their immigration status in the UK. We uphold the law of the land to a high standard including the active discouragement of people taking ungodly advice as they wait upon and trust the Lord for solutions within the law.

To the glory of God we are able to testify that in the last 12 months we have resolved two cases (at the time of writing this article), while there are many more still waiting for positive results on their immigration applications.

So come and join us to enjoy God’s given grace upon this ministry because the Bible makes us to understand in the book of Joshua 1:3 that wherever we place our feet will be given to us as inheritance. We can stand on that scripture as Christians because we are also God’s chosen people. So come on and begin, belong and become someone great for Christ’s sake through our process of discipleship in respect of your immigration issues.

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