Discipleship: Journey Groups

Almost from the inception of NICC, men, women, youth and children have gathered in Journey Groups in order to invest in each other's lives and grow closer in relationship with Christ.  Journey Groups consist of 2-7 men or women meeting weekly in a comfortable, casual setting with a Journey Group leader.

The members of our Journey Groups encourage one another intellectually and spiritually as we work through material designed to develop growing, serving, and missional lives. Truth, equipping, accountability, mission and supplication are the essential ingredients to discipleship.

You will discover a deeper level of fellowship and camaraderie with those in your group. You will find yourself surrounded by new friends who will accept you, share honestly about the challenges they face, be there to support you through hard times, and encourage you in reaching your goals.

The process of discipleship at NICC is as follows:

  • Guest (first experience of NICC)
  • Decision to stay and attend Discovery Class (11 weeks)
  • Graduate from Discovery Class and be assigned to a Journey Group
  • Progress to becoming a Journey Group Leader

The expectation is that we are discipled and will disciple others who will disciple others,  and so on!

Discipleship is ongoing!