Life at NICC

Life at NICC is never at a standstill. We aim to be active in our expression of faith, and are always seeking ways to be of service. We passionately believe that our faith has a place in the world around us and seek to use our resources effectively so that others are encouraged to do the same. We want our good works on earth to be seen so that glory is given to God. Please see below for more about our projects.

If you would like to know more about what we are working on, you can contact us for more information.

Come To Me & Drink is an organisation with a mission to save lives in the world’s poorest communities by providing accessible, clean and safe drinking water. You can find out more about the vision behind Come to Me and Drink, or visit the website:

Targeted business training tools and advice to those desiring to start a business for the first time, or who have already embarked on an enterprise but still need support. Want to learn more about starting your own business?

At NICC, we believe that everybody has been given God-given talents and abilities to be a positive influence to the community and to the world. We seek to encourage and motivate people to establish their ideas so that we can support them.