The Place to Begin

Whether you have already started your relationship with Jesus and want to know and experience more of Him in your life, or want to find out more about Christianity but not knowing where to start... NICC is for you.

We have Discovery Classes which is a 8-week course where you can discover or rediscover foundational biblical truths. Our Sunday preaching and Tuesday Bible Study sessions encourage individuals and families to begin and continue their journey towards spiritual maturity.

The Place to Belong

NICC is a family and welcomes you regardless of your social or family status. We have midweek Journey Groups (of up to 5 individuals) in various locations where we meet weekly and get to know each other better and offer spiritual, emotional, physical and financial support in practical ways. We are there for you as a church whether you are celebrating important life events or seeking to start your own business.

The Place to Become

Perhaps you have a lifelong dream or don't yet see yourself as being useful... But you will certainly become someone great for Christ by the power of God, and through our encouragement to establish regular personal Bible reading and study and preaching that compels you to apply scripture to your life. We greatly encourage you to utilize and develop your skills and abilities which will enable you to live a fulfilled life that will attract others to know Jesus!